About Bingewatch

You tell this app what TV series you want to watch.

It sends you a notification when it's over and ready to binge watch.

And you can even set a calendar notification to remind you when.

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Why have I made an app to tell you when to watch the telly?

Well, I don't know about you, but I like to wait until all the episodes of a series have been shown so I can watch them all in one go.

That's the best way to watch telly, thank you Netflix, I ❤︎ U.

I've never liked the weekly wait - or even worse, those horrible mid-season breaks that last *forever*.

Anyway, I found out that you can get the date of the last episode from theTVDB.com, and used that to manually put alerts in my google calendar.

But I thought other people might have the same (first world) problem so I started to build an app that could notify you automatically when a series is ready to watch.

It's pretty basic at the moment but if you look up a show that's still going on, then it can set a calendar alert or an email reminder.

Cool huh :)

Hope you find it useful, let me know if you have any feedback. Cheers!



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